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hand-crafted small batch

Zero Waste - Plastic Free - Vegan - Cruelty Free

sOap making

my story:

turning a hobby into a business

I've always been passionate about the planet and a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough since a child. I decided my passion for soap making could help persuade people to swap from the mass produced bars, containing harmful chemicals, and reduce waste at in one.
My aim was to make the soap zero waste and plastic free, without compromising the quality or fragrance.
Better for the skin, better for the planet! 

Scented Candle

Nature's abundanT

We don't need to manufacture fragrances when we're surrounded by perfumes created by Mother Nature that we can harness from flowers, herbs, spices and trees.

Naturally Simple

Soap has been made by humans as far back as 2,800BC, yes that long! So it's a far better option than the mass produced versions we buy in the supermarket. Not only do they contain a bunch of chemical ingredients, they don't last as long and can be nasty irritants on sensitive skin types. The chemicals don't actually need to be there but are cheap fillers, a poor substitute for natural plant oils and butters. 

All BAR:SUDS handmade soap are made from 100% natural ingredients whether these are oils, butters, waxes, botanicals, essential oils or clays and micas. Nothing chemical or artificial.

Holding a Branch

“I love using BAR:SUDS soaps. Not only are they Vegan and zero waste, they smell amazing and so gentle on my skin. No dryness just gorgeous, nourished and soft skin.”

sarah, chelmsford

“I would definitely buy more but have run out of rooms to put them in! BAR:SUDS soaps are just lovely. I've tried the Activated Charcoal with tea tree, great for cleansing the skin but my fav is the Coconut Luxor Neroli, smells devine!”

penny, norfolk


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